Expensive Wine

I had dinner last night with a few of my favorite EHS colleagues. There was wine.

The wine menu reminded me why some people succeed wildly and others struggle.

Some wine is expensive. A 2007 Sassicaia runs $220 and, according to Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, “explodes onto the palate with masses of rich, opulent fruit that caress the palate with gorgeous length and a seamless beauty that is hard to fully capture. Dark wild cherries, plums, spices, minerals and herbs develop in the glass.”

Other wines are inexpensive, such as a 3-liter Carlo Rossi for $22.99.

What’s the difference?

To look at the two wines, they are quite similar. They are both made from fermented grape juice. When assessed in a lab, they’re 99% alike.

It’s the 1% that makes the difference.

When people succeed, it’s not because they work 45 hours a week…it’s the critical 30 minutes focused on the one thing that makes a difference (the 1%). It’s the attention to detail, the workout when you don’t feel like it, the habit of professional reading, and the time you make for others…these make the difference. The 1%.

Or maybe it’s just wine?

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