Extension cords everywhere! (Do you see them too?)

You noticed the change when you became a safety professional. You saw them everywhere. And it didn’t stop. Extension cords, blocked exits, unguarded holes and fall hazards. Overnight it seemed like they were everywhere. Because you were paying attention.

It also happens when you buy a car. All of a sudden, there are Minis, Tacomas, Jeeps, or Volvos (pick your car) in every parking lot, on every block.

Why? Because your mind finds what you focus on.

Want failure? Focus on it.

Want success? Focus on it.

Want to see the worst in other people? Assume it’s there…and you’ll find it.

Want to see the best? Assume it’s there…and again you’ll find it.

Want a goal? Focus on it and your mind will find a way.

Want to sabotage your life?

Want anything?

Extension cords. Your success. The best in others. Your “thing”.

Focus and you’ll find it.

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