Find a Penny, Pick it Up?

My 7-year old son finds money.

In nearly every parking lot we walk through, his eyes are busily scanning the pavement for copper and silver discs. More often than not, his searching is rewarded with pennies, nickels, and the occasional quarter. My wife tells him the copper coins are “good luck.”

Many of us travel through life this way. We hear ideas, read information, receive feedback and put it all in our pockets as if the practice brings good omen.

Some ideas are harmful. Much of the information is worthless. And the feedback? It may not always come from a place of love and support.

If we collect ideas like coins, without a second thought, our pockets become overloaded. The ideas turn into limiting beliefs like, “I can’t do that” or “I’m not good enough.”

Today, let’s look in our pockets. What are we carrying that we’ve out-grown or is unhealthy?

Find a few dirty coins?

Let them go…and go wash your hands. (Hunter, I’m talking to you.)


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