Fiscal Year Goals, Success, and Failure

With the Oct-Sep fiscal year closure in a week or so, it’s time for a review of what worked (and what didn’t).

1. Provide and support 40 safety professionals with ASP/CSP certification preparation material, resulting in a minimum of a 75% exam success rate in FY16.

Result? FAIL. While 43 safety pros signed up to prepare, only 8 took the exams. But we do have 7 new ASP and CSPs!

2. Conduct a career field training review and finalize changes by Dec 16.

Result? SUCCESS. Changes finalized Aug 16.

3. Integrate professional development into safety career field in FY16.

Result? SUCCESS. Development board held and feedback provided in Aug 16.

4. Produce monthly DCS (video telecon) to communicate globally with safety professionals.

Result? SUCCESS. Although one or two technical difficulties (operator error) resulted in only 10 of 12 being recorded.

How are your professional goals going this year?


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