Five Certain Ways To Fail At EHS

You’ve read the top ways to succeed as a safety professional. (Here are a few posts on it)

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But what are the ways to fail? Here are five ways to nearly guarantee a flop in safety.

  1. Become frustrated: Internalize the fact that others don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Everyone from your management, the workers, and even the customers…it’s ridiculous right? Don’t they have common sense?
  2. You’ve learned enough: You took that OSHA course 10 years ago. What else could they really teach you? Don’t they know what your title is?
  3. Be sedentary: Your job is a desk job. Getting out of the office requires walking, driving, wearing a safety vest, and talking with people. It’s much more efficient to email them or call (if you have to). Research the most comfortable office chair (ergonomic of course) and take a load off.
  4. Control the information: Sharing information makes you less valuable. When others know what you know, why should the company keep paying you? So hoard your best information at your desk and lock the drawer.
  5. Extrospective: The opposite of introspective (inward looking). Why look at what you can change about your communication style when there is a safety poster, reminder, sign and training around every corner? If their behavior would just change…they’d be safe…right?

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