Five Ways to Raise Average Kids

So much is written about excellence, world-class, and extraordinary, what about average? Where are the posts about average?

1. Belief in destiny: You have a fixed life path. If it’s hard, it’s not meant for you. Choose only the work you’re immediately passionate about. Talent is fixed, so try something else. You are born with a set of skills, hard work never changes these much.

2. Intrinsic value: You have value independent of what you do, say, think, decide, or act on. Work hard or sit on the couch, be nice or be mean, either way you are a valuable person and must be treated as such.

3. High expectations: As a member of a first-world society, you should expect to go to college which must result in a 6-figure salary within a month after graduation. And it should be free for you. Within 12 months, you should earn as much as your parents. If this isn’t your experience, you are a victim. Start a sit-in in the local park.

4. Role model: Everyone needs role models. You can’t learn everything yourself. So, watch me live for the weekend, absorb television 4 hours a day, treat others according to what they can give me, berate the referee when you don’t practice well enough to make the play, and blame my diabetes on genetics.

5. Read: Not books though. Read the news and become intensely irate at political machinations at the capital. Read the latest smart phone updates, new car models, celebrity gossip, and most of all, memorize the life history of sports legends. Don’t read your company’s 401K report or safety instructions …those are for suckers!

(NOTE: Entirely tongue-in cheek and based on overheard airport conversations and personal experience only. Your results may vary.)


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