Get a CSP and Be More Effective

Only it’s not true.

Attaining even the gold standard in safety certifications won’t make you more effective if the reason you’re currently less than effective has nothing to do with technical competency and craft knowledge.

Imagine you own a race car and you are getting beat in the corners. So you install a top-tier steering system. At the first race, watching the car carefully in the corners, you notice again they are beating you. It didn’t work!

Certifications and training are like the steering system.

If your engine needs work (initiative, motivation), or your tires are bald (communication ability), or you are racing on the wrong track (bad work culture), then an expectation of increased effectiveness due to new steering (certifications) is designed to disappoint.

Before upgrading your car or heeding a one-size-fits-all career path, take a holistic look.

What is really holding you back? How could you become more effective?

For more on the subject of effectiveness, read “The Effective Executive” by Peter Drucker.


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