Get Better Feedback Today (with one email)

“Doing great”

“Keep it up”

“Look for opportunities to lead”

“Pursue higher education”

Assessment and advice during another scheduled and semiannual feedback with a supervisor. After a while, it all sounds cliché.

So I sent an email.

How you are perceived by others, in large respect, determines your effectiveness in organizations filled with people. And often our perception of how we are viewed is (more often than not) skewed.

There is no better way to distill another’s best and worst qualities than to think about what you’d say to a future employer when asked for a recommendation. You immediately begin to brainstorm the peaks and valleys of their performance. While what you say may be different, what you thought was your real perception.

With this in mind, I sent an email to 10 people I work closely with, asking them what they’d tell a future (potential) employer about me. Given 3-4 sentences, what one or two qualities would they highlight?

NOTE: To be effective this technique requires a high-level of trust.

The results? I learned more about the way I am perceived from this one email than in all previous formal feedbacks. And now I can course correct, improve, modify, and downplay those qualities as appropriate.

What will your 10 people say to you?


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