Goals Do Not Work (Without This One Thing)

Changing a flat tire in the rain isn’t fun.

But if you’re going on the trip of a lifetime, you change the tire.

Cutting down trees while being eaten alive by enormous mosquitoes is rarely described as an essential life experience.

But if you’re building your dream cabin in Alaska, you grab the chainsaw.

Do you know the one part of goal-setting that isn’t mentioned too much? They aren’t much fun to do.

Writing them down is fun. Planning them, for some, is fun as well. But doing the necessary action to accomplish the goals? Yeah…not so much fun.

Like changing tires while on a trip or logging while building a cabin, the goal must accompany and support a dream.

Do your goals have associated dreams? Do your dreams have the necessary goals to support them?

Try this.

Make a list of your dreams. Then grab your list of goals (you have a written list right?). Which goals need a dream? Which goals don’t support a dream and could be eliminated? Which dream needs a few goals to become reality?


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