Good on paper

Good on paper.

It’s become a phrase to disguise a professional insult.

But it’s what we get when we hire solely based on the resume. Solely based on the written word, education, or certification(s).

Our organizations become exceptional through the character of our people. When we hire foundationally on the quality of the person rather than the paper they brought with them, we win.

“Ability without honor has no value.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

This perspective doesn’t take away from how important hard skills are…competence after all is essential.

Integrity, follow-through, the ability to execute, to inspire a team, to coach a mentee, to negotiate the win-wins, the prospect’s passion for their work…these qualities aren’t on the paper.

Hire on paper and you might get lucky (or not).

Hire on character, passion, and execution and you’ll consistently build phenomenal teams.

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