Habits That Kill

Some habits are healthy. Like eating more unprocessed food or exercising regularly.

Other habits kill. (And this isn’t about smoking, drugs, or texting while driving.)

It’s about the habits we accept. The ones that end our life while our body still lives. These habits do not end in a casket, but in a zombie-like state of where our inside light becomes dim, and eventually goes out.

These habits are thoughts. They are the conversations we hold in our heads.

If we don’t feel like getting up, we hit the snooze.

If we’ve failed before, we seek more security the next time.

If our last suggestion in a meeting was rejected, we withhold all further comments.

If a topic is touchy at home, we ignore it and side-step the issue.

Every time we hit snooze, reserve comment for fear of rejection, or ignore an issue, the light inside grows dimmer.

Each time our day depends on the actions of others (Were people nice to me?) or on the day of the week (Why are you happier on Wednesday than Tuesday or on Friday than on Monday), we choose to let killer habits steal a bit of our soul.

Live brightly. And kill those habits.

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