Hard Now (and It’s Hard Either Way)

You are injured at work while performing a shortcut.

Or you slow down and do the job safely.

Your knees hurt because you’ve carried 20 extra pounds for years.

Or you eat moderate portions and exercise regularly.

You aren’t hired/promoted because you lack training/education.

Or you wake up/stay up to knock out that degree.

You make minimum payments on a maxed out credit card.

Or you put off purchases until you can pay cash.

You fail a fitness assessment (or barely pass).

Or you commit to a regular plan to stay in shape.


Either way, it’s hard. Put it off and the hard is delayed (but still comes.) Do it now and the hard becomes yesterday’s memory.

So choose hard now.

Hard now builds character.

Hard now saves years of regret.

Hard now is required by values of integrity, service before self and excellence in all we do.

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