Has your career peaked in EHS?

If you’re in your 30s or 40s, chances are that your salary has peaked, according to analysis from Payscale.com and Forbes.com. The peak is age 39 for women and age 48 for men.

Careers have different trajectories, though. For example, pharmacists peak much earlier than the average and attorneys go on to earn higher wages well into their 50s.

The difference?

It’s thought that while pharmacists learn much of what they know in school, attorneys continue to learn throughout their careers.

Attorneys gain experience through varied case work, specialization in a sought-after niche, writing and speaking outside their primary career field, earning additional degrees, and are quite often open to moving interstate.

How about you? Does your EHS career resemble the pharmacist or the attorney?

Are you someone who learned most of what they know in school and peaked early?

Or are you the attorney who continues to learn, gains varied experiences, earns additional degrees, and remains mobile in their state of residence (and state of mind)?


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