Hedonic What?

You buy a new phone and smile.
Then you see a newer phone…and take the old one for granted. The smile disappears. The bigger screen, smaller pixels, data storage. Ten years ago it didn’t exist, but now you cannot live without “it”.

Phones, cars, people, jobs, relationships…are all susceptible to this phenomena of hedonic adaptation. We get a new job (marriage, car), we’re happy for a while, get into a routine, and wonder where the magic went. And we tend to return to our baseline of happiness.

Heidi Halvorson PhD, an expert in the field of social motivation, writes in Psychology Today that there are two ways to combat this return to baseline: variety and appreciation.

For variety, simply change your routine. For appreciation, try this.

Everything/one you look at today, act as if it’s the last time you’ll see it.

And tomorrow, you’ll smile because you (might) see it again.

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