How a Job Hazard Analysis can transform your life

There are two reasons you could be reading this. One, you love EHS and JHAs. Two, you really doubt that something like a JHA could do anything more than just fill an old 3-ring safety binder and are reading this to find out you’re right…JHAs don’t really work.

Nope, it’s not a trick. Here’s why you need one for your life.

A good Job Hazard Analyses covers the tasks of the work, the hazards involved and the control measures. (I know…you knew that.)

Think back to yesterday. Did it go as planned? How about last week? Last year? Did you wake up when you wanted, make time for family, work on that big project, take that dream trip, and maintain that healthy weight?

What if you made a JHA for your day?

First the JHA’s tasks. Each of our days have a background schedule. We wake up, we work, there’s the afternoon, the evening, and bedtime.

Next, what are the hazards or barriers to each? For example, does your snooze keep you in bed? Does your job deviate from your to-do list in the first hour and never really get back on track? Does your healthy lunch switch to fast food? Does your evening go from planned family time to watching television? Does your bedtime vary widely according to how you feel?

And finally, what controls might you implement? For each hazard, build two controls. For the snooze, go into your iOS settings for the alarm and disable the snooze button. And also tell a friend you’ll meet them at the gym. For your to-do list controls, do not open email until your top two priorities are complete. Then open email for an hour and get back to the list. If your hazard is people coming by your office, implement “closed-door hours” at regular parts of the day. Again, two controls for each hazard.

Think this is hard? Your job is to design protection systems and programs for hundreds, if not thousands of people. I’m sure you can figure out a way to make a personal JHA work too.

Is it really important? Only if your time, energy, and work really matter. Only if today really is a gift not to be squandered.



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