“How Do I Earn a CSP” is not the question

“How do I earn a CSP? How do I study for the exam?”

These appear to be popular questions in a few safety professional forums.

But the “how” doesn’t matter. It’s the “why” and the “what” that provide the answer.

Why do you want a CSP and what do you want it for? The answer…your answer…is important. If it’s a strong why and you know what it’s for, then the how will follow.

For example, if your why is “a resume builder”, then a how of “spend two hours a day studying these 5 books” may seem too extreme.

But if your why is to make a difference in the lives of your children through a stable and well-paying career and in the lives of the children of the employees that get to go home every day because of the safe working environment you helped create in your organization…then studying two (or four) hours is a small price to pay.

You will find the how. It’s the easiest part of the puzzle.

Focus on your why.

Know your why? Here are my top ten tips on the how.


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