How Successful Safety Inspectors Avoid Common Pitfalls

Inspections are opportunities to connect with organizations. Too often, when schedules get tight and workload balloons, bad habits creep into inspections.

How do successful safety pros avoid the pitfalls?

1. Look for the good (first). Inspections are about finding what’s wrong and documenting it, right? How else can we have perfect workplaces with zero mishaps? Wrong. Successful EHS pros highlight the good, reinforce what works, and suggest tweaks to the rest.

2. Find hazards. Sounds rational. Then why do many inspectors seem to search for documentation errors and extension cords? If your goal is to reduce injuries, why focus (first) on paper/minutia? Find the hard stuff. How about that dangerous machine that was built before guarding?

3. Always have a reference. You might think it’s wrong or heard it somewhere…but unless you’re certain, save it for later (and then look it up). Credibility is hard earned and easily lost.


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