How to Attend Professional Conferences for Free (or Get a Deep Discount)

You find yourself justifying training and development every year. I get it…and often share the frustration.

Here’s how to get your conference registration for free or at a discount.

  1. Speak at the event. They’ll usually comp your entire registration fee. I know…no way do you want to do that! I thought the same thing. Until someone reminded me that the best way to grow and learn is to teach and encouraged me to submit a package for speaking. Stop by my session at the NSC Congress in Anaheim on 19 Oct!
  2. Moderate a few sessions. This will get you either a free registration or steeply discounted one.
  3. Serve on the board. Volunteer in a Division (National Safety Council) or to lead in a Practice Specialty (ASSE) and you’ll receive free registration. Interested in joining a Division or Practice Specialty?
  4. Use your company discount (or apply for one). If you can get 5 or more people in your company to register, you’ll often earn a discount code. Your company isn’t big enough? Do you contract (or otherwise affiliate) with a company that could earn a discount?

Getting free or discounted conference registration can often make a huge difference in the entire professional development costs.

Try one (or more) of these tips today!


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