How to Be Happier Today: The Tim Kreider Approach

Tim Kreider was on vacation when he was stabbed in the neck. If the knife was two millimeters closer, it’d have cut his carotid artery and he’d have bled out on the street. But Tim lived. He returned home and nothing bothered him. He was happy. Traffic, arguments, work…it was all a pleasure just to be alive.

A year passed. Traffic was again annoying. Work was a drag. His “happy” was gone.

So he began to celebrate the day of the attack. He calls it his “stabbiversary” and it’s a reminder of just how close he was to death. Then he smiles again.

Like Tim, I have a close call. OK, I have quite a few.

At 16, I launched a car over a dirt berm at 50 mph, Dukes of Hazard style, because I had no idea how to drive.

When I was 18, I fell asleep driving at 60 mph and crashed into a tree. The seatbelt saved me.

At 22…OK, you get the point.

So I celebrate. Every sunrise. Every sunset. It’s a daily practice.

Do you have a close call? A vehicle crash you shouldn’t have survived? Cancer you beat? An injury that could have gone the other way?

Morbid? Yep.

Did you smile and feel lucky for the breath you just took? I’ll bet you did.

So celebrate. (And make someone else’s day today.)

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