How to be Promoted Now and Make a Difference

My best tips on promotion and making a difference. While these are military focused, they may apply in many ways to all types of careers.

1. Don’t do two things at once: Either study for promotion or go to school. Pick one and focus. Getting an average score on either won’t get you where you want to go.

2. Don’t do what your peers say to do: You’ll hear that you must do this or that. Don’t believe it. Find opportunities to make a difference where you can. Don’t go where it’s already crowded.

3. Don’t listen to everyone: Everyone is average. Seek out and find true top performers. Ask for their advice and act on it.

4. Don’t listen to yourself: That voice in your head? It’s not you. It’s the noise remaining from everyone else’s opinions. The real you is behind that voice. And you’re in charge of that one.

5. You have no competition: They are not in the same race as you. That one in the mirror? That’s your competition.


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