How to Become a Bad Boss

We’ve all had the opportunity to serve under a boss who never knew where the line was, always knew the right put down and the meeting to offer it in, and could deride with the best of them.

Here are three ways to quickly become a terrifically bad boss.

1. Never get enough sleep. Change your sleep cycle, stay up watching Netflix into early hours of the morning, and oversleep on the weekends.

2. Always remain sedentary. Sit a lot at work. Never get outside, even on the weekends. Don’t find a way to relieve stress, that’s silly.

3. Bring family problems to work. Your business understands you’re a real person. So always bring family issues to work. Especially when things are going wrong at home…people just have to understand. You’re irritated…but you have a reason to be!

Oh, and don’t forget to be consistently inconsistent. Be happy one day. And to keep everyone on their toes, be withdrawn and dour the next.

You’ll have to work on this and it can take years to get it right, but you can get there if you believe.

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