How To Become A Two-Star General

Art had made it. He became a pilot and went to National War College and the J.F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He became a four-star general and was awarded the Order of the Sword.

Then the Secretary of the Air Force made him a two-star.

Here are tips from Art’s career:

1. Achieve rank, then break the rules: When you reach a certain position in your company, most rules no longer apply to you. You don’t need security training, you’re above wearing PPE, and that other one, “don’t sleep with subordinates”…really?
2. You are more important than everyone else: Once you’ve succeeded in your career, others matter less. Your family must understand. Those in your unit will get it. You come first.
3. Alcohol makes everything better: When you’re in a difficult situation or one requiring courage and character, add alcohol. Then it’s not really your fault, right?

Not a four-star? Don’t worry…these same tips can also be used at any rank or position to bring dishonor to yourself and your organization.

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