How to Connect with your Audience Every Time

“That person looks like me.”

That’s what we look for. It’s why Jenny Craig and CrossFit built huge audiences. People see people they identify with and all of a sudden they connect.

NOTE: If you were born in either September, October, or November, this next section applies to you!

Daniel Coyle, author of “The Talent Code“, writes about a study of Yale freshmen. Researchers gave students a selection of articles to read. One of the articles, a one-page piece on Nathan Jackson, described his career as a mathematician and head of a university. Half of the students received the original article and the other half received the article with Jackson’s birth date modified to match the study participant.

After reading the articles, the researchers tested attitudes toward math and measured persistence by how long they’d work on an insolvable math problem. The students who read the birth date-matched article scored significantly higher in their attitudes toward math and worked 65% longer on the math problem.

If you want your audience to take action, you must first connect.

How can you show your audience that you are like them?

*This actually applies to everyone equally, however September, October, and November are the most common birth months. 🙂


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