How To: Fail when the grass looks greener

Here are two fantastic ways to fail when the grass looks greener “over there.”

1. Counting down the days until you leave: Instead of a place to leave, you need a place to go to. The difference is simple but important (I.e. retiring to something (instead of from); transitioning to this (instead of from).

2. Depending on timing: Grass is Greener (GG):”If I leave this job in March, it’ll line up with this or that job.” Me: “What makes you qualified for that other job vs. other candidates…what degrees, certifications, and experience make you stand out?” GG: “I’ll finish my degree within two years, no certifications (are they really that important?), and I’ve been doing Safety for 15 years.” Me: So, when applying for this job, you’ll have no degree, no certs, and a lot of time at one other job?” GG: “That’s good, right?”

There are times to study the grass and there are times to do the hard work.

Which time is it?


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