How to Leverage a Low Safety Budget and Double Your Impact

Ridiculously low budget for your program? Not enough people on your team?

EHS professionals are lucky. We see creativity at work every single day. Here are a couple examples.

*Give a worker a 20-foot boom lift to change a light bulb at 30 feet. Instant creativity.

*Provide an industrial shop with one 120v outlet and 20 handheld power tools. Come back in 2 hours and you’ll find the most fascinating and elaborate 30-outlet extension cord. Bonus points if it’s secured to the wall.


Yet in our EHS programs, we see only low budgets and reduced team sizes. Yet, limitations are exactly why deadlines work!

How do we leverage limitations and constraints to inspire creativity?

Here are 5 questions, containing constraints, to stimulate creativity and ingenuity in your work.

-If your budget was cut by 50%, what would you continue to do?

-If your work week was reduced to 3 days, how would you structure it?

-If your organization doubled operations next quarter, how would you plan for it?

-If you had $10,000 right now, how would you spend it (at work)? $500? $20? $250,000?

-If you had 10 years to live, what would you change? (had to throw a deep one in here)

What will you do?


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