How You Do Anything

I met a safety professional this week who did not like the job. Whether it was the work, the environment, their boss, or the endless nature of EHS, being a safety professional was not their “thing.”

This is more common than some like to think.

“How you do anything if how you do everything.”

This quote, attributed to many authors, is how I choose to approach the vexing nature of work in the military where one’s duty is often assigned and not (entirely) chosen.

It’s easy to think that when we do below-average work (or even average), it’s because the task doesn’t appeal to our soul. It’s not what we were made for. It feels good to believe that if we were allowed to simply do what inspires us, we’d be creative, work endlessly, be a professional, an expert, and the world would stand in awe.

It’s a lie.

Hard work is hard work. Details matter in small and large projects. Reputation transfers and references are valued because how you do this is how you’ll do that.


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