I hope you never arrive

At a deployed location in the Middle East, I met with a newly promoted non-commissioned officer.  He told me that he felt like he’d “arrived” with the new military rank.

But he’d just started the journey.

You see when you arrive, you put your bags down. You sit and look out the new corner window in the new office.  You might even put your feet up on that new desk. Your years of late nights and early mornings have paid off! You made it! You’ve arrived.

Take your feet off the desk. You’ve only just begun. Now is the time you must make time for self-evaluation. Now is the time that you (may) make the biggest impact of your career. Now is the time to retool those skills. Now is the time to put into practice that knowledge and experience to make the difference you’ve come so far to make.

Now is the time…and you’ve only just arrived.

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