I Waited Too Long

On a recent evening walk with my family, we passed through an RV park where a couple was just pulling in for the night. We said hello and struck up a conversation about their recent travels. As they’d been on the road for 18 months, I asked the man what his favorite part of the trip and if he’d do anything different.

He said, “Key West was my favorite stop and yes…yes, I’d do it differently.”

Pausing, he continued. “I waited too long.” His wife nodded solemnly. “I worked and worked until I got old. Then we started traveling.” He rolled his eyes. “Next time, I’d begin much earlier.”

The error is called sequencing. Thinking we must do this, before that, when the timing will be “perfect”. College, first job, then a stable job, student loan payoff, then kids, then a house, then….

And so it goes. Until, “I waited too long.”

Warren Buffett agrees. Buffet said, “I always worry about people who say, ‘I’m going to do this for ten years; I really don’t like it very well. And then I’ll do this…’ That’s a lot like saving sex up for your old age. Not a very good idea.”

What are you waiting for?


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