I’m Going To Run

It’s a simple phrase but filled with power. It dissolves excuses, reinforces healthy habits, and strengthens my internal locus of control.

“I’m going to run”. It’s a phrase I keep on repeat in my head…here is how it works:

If I wake up at 3 am and it’s 23F and windy?

I’m going to run.

If I have an early morning flight and sore from yesterday’s workout?

I’m going to run.

When everyone else presses snooze on the weekends?

I’m going to run.

If holiday parties went a bit late and morning comes too soon?

I’m going to run.

If my leg needs to heal from a torn tendon?

Then I’m going to bike, walk, bench press, row, kettle-bell swing, and anything else I can physically do.

What do you tell yourself?

Does your internal voice limit or maximize your potential?

*And this isn’t about running. It’s about what you’ll do to achieve your goals. And what you’ll do when it hurts, when it’s hard, and when it really matters.


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