I’m Not Good with Computers

It’s said in jest, as a way to almost excuse a lack of competency with technology, by the generations that precede Gen Y and Millennials.

And it’s a terrible defense.

I frequently engage with senior safety directors who are trying to bridge a generation gap in their talent pool. Many of their employees are either 20-30 or 50-65 years old, creating a large gap. The more senior employees are filled with experience and the more junior ones (and the organizations they work for) desperately need the transfer of knowledge.

Yet some of the most experienced say things like “I’m not good with computers” and “I don’t use smart phones”.

General Patton, as a young officer, loved the cavalry, the horses, and even the smell of the leather saddles. He was abhorred upon his assignment to a tank unit. But he adapted. Didn’t give excuses. And later would drive those tanks over the enemy.

Leaders must know their environment.

Inside and out.

Tanks or computers.


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