Is Your EHS like Comcast?

Comcast is infamous for poor customer service.

In’s Customer Service Hall of Shame, Comcast, the largest broadcasting and cable company by revenue in the world, frequently earns the top spot with negative service reviews. FCC complaints on Comcast outnumber “AT&T, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable combined.” Billing, outages, outsourced customer service, pricing, and changing customer expectations drive the complaints.

Comcast, as the only service provider in many areas, acts like a monopoly. You can’t change providers and there is no price comparison.

EHS is not exempt from the dangers of the uncaring monopoly.

Could you imagine an EHS program run like this?

  • If you want training, here’s the single option.
  • If you want to do something new, our standard answer is no.
  • If you need simple advice, make an appointment.
  • If you need expert advice, we’ll send you our newest trainee.
  • Still need expert advice? We’ll outsource it and it’ll take forever.
  • If you stop by the office, we’ll be closed with no contact number.

For some, the above descriptors may not take much imagination.

Are you interacting with your customers like they have a choice? Where would those you serve rank you in customer service? Are you available? Do you offer creative solutions or just say “no”? How often are those you work with pleasantly surprised by interacting with you?

(Note: A bit random, but customer-service related. Last year I found this link, used the included script, and saved $800 on my phone bill. How? After 30 minutes on the phone, the AT&T service rep simply credited my account. I shared it with a friend and they received several monthly credits and a promo deal reducing their monthly rate by $35. Note to the note: Your mileage may vary but it worked for me.)

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