Is Your Safety Like Earth Day?

Tucked between sidewalks, granite obelisks, and in the shape of an alley, D.C.’s Earth Day Park sits tiny and segregated from the behemoths of the nation’s capital region. Earth Day Park is a strip of grass, split by a sidewalk, bordered by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Energy.

It looks lost and alone. It appears as an afterthought.

Does safety look like the Earth Day Park in your organization? When someone asks about safety, do you point to it specifically, similar to the Earth Day Park, insisting, “Look, its right here! Of course we make it a priority…look at our posters, our periodic email reminders, our two-hour supervisor safety training!”

Or is safety integral to each task, intertwined with planning, indistinguishable from operations, and as foundational to production as LEAN and quality?

Earth Day Park is the built with a compliance-based mindset. “Does this meet the minimum standard?”

Our organizations and teams deserve more.


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