It was Amazing to Meet You!

You spent only 5 minutes with them and it felt like not only that you’d known each other a long time, but you walked away with a renewed and/or deeper purpose in life.

Most of life’s interactions aren’t like this. Walk byes at the coffee pot, weather talk before meetings, and polite complements about fashion accessories do not commonly reveal new depths to one’s soul.

How can you create amazing engagements with clients and colleagues?

1. Presence: Be here. Smartphone away and out of site. Eyes on the other person and not over their shoulder.

2. Active listening: Respond without interrupting. Nod and acknowledge. Listen without waiting to speak. When you speak, summarize what they said.

3. Deep Questioning: Ask “And what else?”, “What’s your biggest challenge here?”, and “And what else might be possible?” (Thanks to M. B. Stanier for these questions)

4. Empathy: Recognize emotion in others. Put yourself in their position. Suspend judgment. Be flexible and encourage.

Be amazing.


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