It’s Forged

If it doesn’t come easy, we say it’s not meant to be.

If we receive criticism, we stop.

If it’s difficult, we say we aren’t talented.

We should know better.

When the bladesmith creates a knife, he begins with iron. He knows the iron stock is weak, brittle, dull and misshapen. That is how every knife begins. He doesn’t judge the blade on those qualities. He will heat, temper, beat, cut, and fold the metal, over and over again, for that is how strong metal is formed. He’s not finding the knife in the iron, he’s forging the iron into the blade. He’s not asking the iron to find itself or follow its passion, but putting the metal through an experience to create new qualities. Only then will the knife be strong, hold an edge, and shine like the sun.

Life is like a forge. It will heat, temper, and beat you. It’s not looking for your inner character nor judging your weakness.

Like the blade in the fire, some days you just have to hang on and trust.

For soon you too will emerge strong, your edges razor sharp, and you will shine like the sun itself.

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