It’s Monday!

It’s 1/7th of your life. But if we treat it like just the end of the weekend, or only the first day in another week at just another job…it’ll be that.

We’ll have simply thrown away 14.2% of our single precious life. If we think of it as a day where we drag ourselves through another commute, we’ll have chosen to disregard the 1440 minutes that Monday presents to each of us. That’s 74,880 minutes a year!

What if each of us chose to act as if this day (Monday) was our chance? An opportunity not given to everyone. Our one chance to begin the best week. Our chance to make a difference in a world that seems indifferent to Mondays.

Don’t feel that Mondays are special yet?

Here’s a link to names of military members killed in OEF.

These men and women don’t get Mondays. Or Tuesdays. Why are you wasting yours?!

Thought provoking piece on the importance of time?

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