It’s not a Sign

“It’s a sign.”

This phrase is used to give reason to random event. To find cause for the uncaused.

And it kills dreams.

It begins in childhood. Taking events outside of our control and ascribing meaning to them. Or giving those within our realm of control more meaning than is necessary.

Parents divorce and the children often believe it’s their fault. Maybe if they would have behaved better?

In fourth grade, they fail a math test and someone innocently tells them that maybe it’s a sign they are an artist instead. So begins their aversion to hard subjects.

In adult life, “it’s a sign” is everywhere.

When the picnic is rained out.

When you were late for the interview to the job you didn’t get.

When the car breaks down, when a client cancels…all signs.

It’s not a sign. Your parents, your math test, the picnic. Stop lying to yourself. And never use it as an excuse for giving up dreams.

Accept that life happens and your dreams are still yours.

It’s not a sign.


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