Just Give Up

Giving up. It’s like quitting. Turning the other way and saying, “Enough is enough.”

Do we do that?

Maybe we should give up more.

Achieving everything you want in life isn’t about wanting it more. It’s about wanting other things less.

I found out I couldn’t read the books I wanted to when I had a cable TV subscription. So I gave up cable. I’ve also given up on conversations involving reality television. I just don’t get the inference.

I couldn’t find time to take classes at night. Between work and sleep, where would school fit in? So I gave up a few years of 8-hour rest cycles, adjusted my alarm to 0300, and finished the graduate degree.

What do you want? And what do you want less?

Are you willing to bear the loss of reality TV for your dream?

Giving up. It’s how you turn, “I don’t have the time” into, “This is my one chance and today is the day.”



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