Leadership by Unease and Anxiety

What would your meeting look like if what passes for current safety leadership was contagious?

-The finance director would brief, with a proud face, that quarterly losses were lower than expected.

-The attorney would proclaim that zero lawsuits (over $100K) were filed against the company this month.

-The VP of Public Relations would smile and report a new low of two negative national news stories.

-The marketing team would brag about the reduction in stakeholder interactions.

At sales conferences, they invite salespersons of the year as their keynote speakers. At EHS conferences, we invite someone with a tragic story to tell.

At the World Business Forum and 99U, inspirational speakers like Simon Sinek and Jason Fried inspire audiences. At EHS events, we share pictures of what happens when it goes wrong and the inventive ways people use ladders.

And we wonder why we have to “sell” safety as a career path.

A leader is a dealer in hope.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Do we deal in hope…or unease and anxiety?


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