Less on the Resume

Why you’re qualified but not getting promoted

You’ve worked hard.

You finished that graduate degree. Searched for which certification to earn and achieved it. You checked the boxes and filled the squares in your organization.

But you’re stuck. The promotion didn’t come. Or you’re between jobs and wondering why.

Sometimes you don’t need more on the resume. You need less.

Less complaining to coworkers about the unfairness of a situation.

Less time on your smart phone during the meeting.

Less over-promising and more execution.

Less focus on what others could do and more on what you must do.

Less pessimism.

Less time gossiping and “catching up” around the office.

Less work time on social media.

Think these things don’t matter? In my recent conversations with senior directors, these “small things” are distractors and the number one reason for declining to give a job recommendation.

Could less mean more for you?


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