Lie to me

When you try on a new suit or outfit and ask a friend how you look, what answer do you want?

Are you looking for affirmation on your endless taste in fashion or how you look wearing the clothes?

Are you looking for, “That looks amazing!”, no matter what reality is…or are you looking for feedback that push for a change in your perspective (and choice in clothes)?

I’m asked frequently for advice on military promotions, earning degrees while deployed, studying for and passing certification exams, managing safety programs for worker populations of anywhere from 3,000 to 300,000, and even on balancing work/family life.

In each of these areas, there is the truth and the lie.

The truth sounds like, “That suit falls off your shoulders and the pants make everything look big.” Advice seekers cringe with the response.

The lie sounds like, “This suit was made for you. You picked that out all by yourself? Your innate sense of style and design is fascinating.”

The truth is hard work, early mornings, sober evenings, daily exercise, rigid schedules aligned with goals aligned with purpose, and persistence that would make even Sisyphus smile.

Or do you want the lie?

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2 thoughts on “Lie to me

  1. Good read, there is a cost and benefit to everything. If one isn’t disciplined and try then then they will miss the opportunity.