Look for the stairs, not the elevator

In 1857, the first commercial passenger elevator was installed in a 5-story department store in New York City. It was immediately popular. Even today, most people, upon entering a tall building, search for the machine transformed by Elisha Otis.

We look for the elevator in life too. We search for tips, hacks, shortcuts, and the quickest way. The problem with this approach is that everyone else is too. Everyone is looking for the easy button. And so we all line up at the elevator, trusting the easy way is the best way.

There is no tip to get around the hard work. There is no secret to firm abdominals. There is no hack to promotions and no Amazon Prime two-day delivery for real education or certifications you will be proud to earn. No easy button for relationships or shortcut to experience.

Don’t wait in line at the elevator for something that doesn’t exist.

Take the stairs.


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