Losing Hurts (twice as much)

Losing is powerful.

Studies show people perceive losses twice as powerfully as gains (Amos Tversky/Daniel Kahneman).

For example, losing $100 hurts at least twice as bad as earning $100. Or imagine being told you’d won a significant amount in a lottery and the next day finding out they’d called the wrong person! The pain would very likely “hurt” at a higher level than the elation of winning.

How can you use this idea in the coming year to break through to the next level, to achieve a goal you’d previously discounted?

What if you went into your next year, quarter, or promotion period as if your boss was going to take away your current position or title if you didn’t perform well above average?

What would happen if you gave someone a check for $300 that they could cash if you didn’t achieve your goal (finish a degree, lose 10 lbs, earn that promotion, etc.)? (This idea is catching on; take a look at stickK.com)

What could losing do for you? 



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