Lou Holtz: Why Education and Credentialing Matter To Leaders

“Players need confidence. That’s why I had tough practices. Because then we had easy games.” – Lou Holtz

College Football Hall of Fame inductee, Lou Holtz is the only coach ever to lead six different schools to bowl games. And his teams consistently won.

Because tough practices equal easy games.

Education and credentialing are not about a piece of paper.

They are about the journey. They are about who you become during the struggle. They are about letting go of limiting beliefs such as; “I might fail”, “I’m too old for that”, and “I don’t have time”. They are about being an example to those who look up to you.

As a leader you show the path to those you lead.

When you can’t find the time, why should they?

If you can’t endure “tough practice”…what does that say about your game?

When you insist “it’s just a piece of paper”, are you leading or encouraging the status quo?

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