Lowest Common Denominator

We focus on a lot (and often everything at once.)

We build better systems. We craft process structure. We design foolproof methods and failsafe intersections. We draft strategy. We forecast and react to feedback from around the organization. And much more.

Much of this (un)focused effort relies on the premise that our organizations must function in an extraordinary manner with every type of employee, down to the lowest common denominator. In many cases, we create many processes, rules, and regulations so the least motivated, most distracted, and barely-competent aren’t able to throw the whole system off-track.

Instead, what if we focused all of this effort and focus on building an all-star team, instead of propping up an average team with processes, systems, and rules?

What if we listened to Pareto and put 80% of our resources into the 20% of our team that produces the most products and services?

What if we didn’t?

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