Making Room by Making Choices

Twenty four hours in a day. In a week? 168. If you live to 90, you’ll have 4,680 weeks in the world, and past the age of 18, you’re gifted with 3,744 weeks as an adult. Your mileage may vary.

This number, whatever your number is, is finite.

You want to do this and that, and this again, and that over there…you might have made a list. A vision board. Or even a separate savings account for those “must-dos.”

So make room by making choices.

If you’re busy, slow down.

Do less of what you can do without and more of what your dreams are made of.

Use the 80/20 rule to carve out the less useful to make room for the most important.

Because next year, there will be another app, another major project, another boss, another to-do item…and if you don’t make a choice (to make room), your busy life will again fill up.

Big rocks first. Then little. Never the reverse.


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