Maybe You Are Not a Safety Manager

In the military, we give our head safety professional the title of “Occupational Safety Manager” (normally responsible 3-10 person teams).

Maybe it’s time to change that title.

Managers, especially disengaged ones, view life through scarcity.

“The budget is too low.”

“Manning isn’t adequate.”

“This position would succeed (only) if it was a GS-13 (federal civilian rank) or higher.”

“I can’t hire qualified people in this system.”

“These Airmen today…where are their priorities? Back in my day…”

“If headquarters would write black and white regulations, then it would be better.”

“If this word in the safety regulation was a “will”, instead of a “should”, then…world peace.”

(OK, the last one was an exaggeration.)

What do connected safety leaders say?

“I own this opportunity/challenge and together we’ll solve it.”

Managers blame the system (and the world) for a lack of results.

Safety leaders own the issue and find solutions.


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