More is not Enough

Each profession begins with a question.

Architects ask how to build a beautiful building.

Psychologists ask how the mind works.

Nurses ask how to ease pain and heal the body.

Captains ask how to drive a ship.

In EHS, we ask how to prevent unintentional injury and loss.

But like the architect who learns that beautiful buildings don’t come from doing “more and faster” and the nurse who realizes that caring for more patients results in just going through the motions, many EHS professionals discover the futility of more. More inspections, more emails, more training. Sometimes we transfer this feeling of more to our teams. If only they’d work better and faster. If they’d be more focused and more motivated. A bit more of this too (and that).

More is not enough. It never will be.

What question are you asking today?

Are you answering with “more” or “let’s do this one thing well”?

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