More or Less: The Secret to a Better Year

How do you quantify a successful year and prepare for the next all at once?

Here are two simple steps and one question to get the next year off to a running start.

Step 1: What did you do this year that added great value…far beyond the time spent?

Step 2: What did you do that did not return value or was a waste of time?

Question: How would you attain your goal if you had to multiply the result by 10x?

Now, do more of Step 1 answers, less of Step 2, and think about the 10X question*. 10x is important because it forces you to break the “rules.” For example, one of my professional goals this year is to support 20 military EHS professionals in attaining high-level safety certifications. What if I 10x this goal (200 EHS pros)? I’d have to throw away my current system, implement a higher degree of certification specific training, track training progress globally, etc.

*Want more on 10x thinking? Read “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone.


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