No One Will Blame You

You have a steady job in a field you feel passionate about (most days). You manage programs and even lead a small team. Looking back you’ve had a few big wins…you even have the trophy on the bookshelf and another on the wall.

So no one will blame you for continuing. For continuing to manage that program. For doing what you’ve been doing (because it works, right?) They’ll say you did what you could. You tried your best. And that’s all you can do.

Or not.

Because you’ve felt it. That small spark inside that tells you there is more. More just beyond your comfort zone. That you aren’t here for “secure”, not here for trophies, and there is more to your life than a commute, middle management, and water cooler conversations about the weather.

That spark will go out if not fed. That light will die if you turn away.

But no one would blame you.

“Comfort zones are wallpapered with our own excuses.” – James Altucher

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