Not Anymore

It was college algebra and I needed the course to finish an undergraduate degree. The professor knew a lot, cared about the students, and worked to translate knowledge and skills to the students.

But he’d lost his belief.

During the second week of the course, he was asked about great mathematicians. How were they able to discover new equations?

His reply? “You must do it when you are young. Like in your twenties. After that it’s too late.”

His face reflected resignation to the aging process which each morning stripped his youth away.

Then there is Mitch Seavey. He’s 57 years old (and 5 years older than my math professor.)

Yesterday, Mitch won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and did it faster than it’s ever been run.

At the finish line in Nome, Alaska, Mitch told reporters, “Fifty-seven used to be old, and it’s not anymore.”

Mitch’s face reflected joy, persistence, and a determination to not “go gently into the night.”

Yesterday you were too old…but not anymore.



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